New digital dimensions coming.

Follow me at my new project site, a "Total Controlled User Experience".

sticker collections now available!

The first Loki collection, limited to 30 pieces, just 3 left. Numbered and glittered, 10x10 cm.

A few more words for awesome, limited to 50 pieces, comes with glitter and number on the back.

6x6 cm.

Was done for the summer exhibition "Panorama" and comes as advertisement for my 3D animation.

Limited handmade postcard collections, still in progress. Reach out to me if you want some, I will send you a list with all available designs.

They are made of watercolor paper,10 x 12 cm.

<<<<< upcoming exhibition !

"Nickelodeon" at Galerie Stoerpunkt München, Tengstr. 32 a

9. Oktober bis 6. November 2015 !


..... da wackelt etwas..


Jahresausstellung 2014 an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.

Eröffnung am Freitag um 16 Uhr, bin am Wochenende anwesend.


Kommt zahlreich und feiert mit!